If you are planning to take Driving Lessons in Hastings or the other areas we cover to help you prepare we have provided this page to give information on what you need to do before organising your driving lessons and what happens when you start your driving lessons.

Obtaining A Provisional License

Many people are unsure about what the minimum age you can start learning to drive is, rumours have been going around for many years often confusing first time drivers. You can send off for your provisional license when you are 16 but this does not become valid until your 17th Birthday.

So the minimum age for learning is 17 however, if you are in receipt of the higher rate of the motability component of the disability living allowance you may start to learn at age 16. Not sure if this applies to you? Just give us a ring or text us on 07803-580663 or 01424-732952.

Booking Your First Driving Lessons

You now have your Provisional Driving License you so are ready to start your driving lessons. If you are unsure of how many you need to take or how often just give us a call or text us on 07803-580663 and we can recommend a plan that will fit in with you and your needs.

How Many Driving Lessons Will I Need?

There is no set amount of driving lessons that will get you to test standard as each individual learns at their own pace. Your individual driving instructor will be able to assess your progress and give you an estimate of how many lessons you are likely to need.

Driving Theory Test

You may have heard about the Theory Test from friends or family. The test was introduced in 1996 and you will have to pass it before you can book your all important Practical.

What Happens After I Pass The Theory Test?

Congratulations you're nearly there! You will continue with your driving lessons until you have reached test standard and then its time to book the Practical.

Driving Practical Test

Once your instructor is confident that you have reached test standard for the Practical Test they will advise you on applying for a test date.



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